The Buds Are Coming! The Buds Are Coming!

Well… I guess five months is long enough for my unplanned, unannounced, more-or-less unintentional blogging break of indeterminate length, so I thought I would jump back in with evidence of early spring making its way into my gardens. It seems like it’s been a long winter – more for others than those of us living in the south – but even us “southerners” have pretty much had our fill. Many of us – me included – are surely tired of hearing our furnaces come on and stay on, while we imagine the folks at several local gas distributers and remarketers clapping their hands and counting their 2010 bonus cash.

Yeah, I know it’s probably not like that … or is it?

Anyway, I sat on the cold ground yesterday afternoon and snapped a few close-up photos … all of the following are early hydrangea buds that have just started making their appearance over the past few days. I’m sure there will be many, many more buds and photos to come … as soon as spring takes hold and stays awhile.

Hydrangea bud #1

Hydrangea bud #2

Hydrangea bud #3

Hydrange bud #4

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