AP: “3-year countdown begins for Atlanta’s water future”

Georgia faces the dire prospect of losing metropolitan Atlanta’s main water source if political leaders can’t broker a solution with Alabama and Florida over rights to a major reservoir within three years.

That doomsday scenario would cut off water from Lake Lanier for more than 3 million residents, driving a stake through the heart of Atlanta’s decades of rampant growth and threatening one of the Southeast’s main economic engines amid a sour economy.

Experts say they doubt a recent federal court ruling will shut the taps off, but it does put Georgia in a weak position and could finally push the three states back to the negotiating table after nearly two decades of stalemate….

Full story here:

3-year countdown begins for Atlanta’s water future

Frank McCourt: “They thought I was teaching … I was learning.”

As he put it in “Teacher Man,” his third volume of autobiography:
Instead of teaching, I told stories.
Anything to keep them quiet and in their seats.
They thought I was teaching.
I thought I was teaching.
I was learning.

Good words to live by: teaching is learning.

Full story here on Frank McCourt’s teaching (and learning and writing) methods from the New York Times:

McCourt: A Storyteller Even as a Teacher