Orchids from the Atlanta Botanical Garden

These images are among my favorites from several trips to the Atlanta Botanical Garden … but also I used this blog post to experiment with the gallery and slideshow features of WordPress, which I had never used before. You can click on any of the images above to loop through a full screen slideshow. Bye for now!

Frank McCourt: “They thought I was teaching … I was learning.”

As he put it in “Teacher Man,” his third volume of autobiography:
Instead of teaching, I told stories.
Anything to keep them quiet and in their seats.
They thought I was teaching.
I thought I was teaching.
I was learning.

Good words to live by: teaching is learning.

Full story here on Frank McCourt’s teaching (and learning and writing) methods from the New York Times:

McCourt: A Storyteller Even as a Teacher

“Not on Tuesday”

A friend of mine sent me this card:


It fits my hours and days and weeks sooooo well!

The card is from Susan Mrosek’s wonderful Pondering Pool collection (https://www.ponderingpool.com), a selection of giclees, cards, posters, inspirational images and thoughts, and creative writings.

Buy someone a card!

Write something clever on the inside, put their address on the envelope, and mail it!

Pondering Pool