Autumn in Grant Park (Set 2 of 4)

The gallery below contains the second of four sets of photos I took at Grant Park in Atlanta, on Sunday, November 11. You may notice similarities among some of the photos in this series, but they’re variations, not duplicates; and I’ve tried to mix them up so that they hold together as a decent slideshow. The colors were so captivating that sometimes I zoomed in and out repeatedly to get slightly different views of the same scenes.

The first set of photos in this series is here: Autumn in Grant Park (Set 1 of 4).

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Autumn in Grant Park (Set 1 of 4)

The gallery below contains the first of four sets of photos I took at Grant Park in Atlanta, a 131-acre greenspace located a few blocks from my home at the center of the Grant Park neighborhood and historic district. I took the photos last weekend, on a very bright Sunday morning and afternoon, which gave me a chance to experiment with different kinds of lighting and contrasts, from glowing orange and yellow leaves against the blue sky to smaller trees, plants, and leaves whose images were softened by the light filtering through the oaks, maples, and pines on the park grounds. I have three more sets of similar photos from my walks through the park that day, which I’ll post throughout the week.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sparkling Autumn (Six Variations)

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Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Roadside Attractions

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Autumn Close Up: A Photo Gallery

Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted a series of photos that I called “Single Frames: Autumn Close Up” — individual fall images paired with some reasonably relevant quotations, including a few “gothic” quotes as the days got shorter and darker and closed in on Halloween. I had originally picked out several dozen photos for this series, but I decided to stop at twenty and use the remaining photos a little differently in an upcoming blog post.

I’m working on that new post now; it will include additional autumn photos and some notes on reprocessing those photos with Lightroom and the Nik Collection. It will take me a few days to wrap that post up and prep the photos that go with it, so I thought in the meantime I’d assemble the “Single Frames: Autumn Close Up” images in a single gallery, which you can see below. I had started including all the quotes with the photos, but couldn’t find a good way to do that without creating a 20-foot long blog post.

If you’d like to see the original photos in this series with their quotations, I’ve tagged all twenty posts so they can be viewed together, here: Single Frames: Autumn Close Up.

They look kinda nice as a group like this; select the first image in the gallery to begin a slideshow.

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