"Pay attention to the world." -- Susan Sontag

When hard-boiled eggs explode…

… it sounds an awful lot like a gun going off! Trust me! Don’t try this at home:

Apparently this is what happens when you sit down to write a quick blog post after setting some eggs to boiling, the blog post takes longer than you thought, and you forget about the eggs … they wait about forty minutes then remind you to PAY ATTENTION! Or set a timer next time….

Lunch will be delayed indefinitely….


  1. Tim Lamb

    It seems to me that this was simply the result of the chicken escaping … because everybody knows that yellow is the chicken, the clear is the feathers and the small white thingys are the brains!!! I am guessing this one had a huge brain and got away … but sadly, he is naked and will catch his death of cold. Life is a bitch sometimes … just when you think you are ahead —- “BANG!” you are suddenly running naked.

  2. Tym

    crack me up … 5 years later! still such a wonderful story and still so fresh that i can practically smell that egg as i type. you always make me smile and laugh and feel lucky to know you. there is no wonder sweater enjoys her visits so much. (great new site)

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