1. Thanks! It’s the Swan House and surrounding gardens at Atlanta History Center …. amazing how much of the original design was intentionally built around this kind of symmetry, and, nearly 100 years later, is still kept that way.

    1. The house was built in the 1920s, along with a lot of other residential property throughout Atlanta, and you can see similar use of symmetry and similar design elements on many homes from that decade, on a smaller scale … with quite a bit of post-Victorian bling … I think that’s the European influence.

      Almost the best part: it’s on a 30-acre woodland that’s maintained but developed only with a few other Atlanta History Center exhibits, and you walk through the woods to get there, those woods including a couple of footbridges, the remnants of an old quarry, a bog and a swamp, hydrangea gardens, and a large pine forest that you can partly see in some of the pictures. It’s easy to spend hours there just wandering in the woods … then wrap it up by pretending you live at the mansion…. 🙂


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