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Japanese Maple Spring Berries: A Gallery

Japanese Maple Spring Berries: A Gallery

For just a few days each year as spring starts to roll in, one of the three Japanese Maple trees on my property produces clusters of red seedlings along with the emerging leaves. The seedlings — which look like clumps of tiny berries — are much prized as a delicacy by the local squirrelry: it’s not unusual to see a scurry of squirrels embracing the branches, slashing at the seeds with their Freddy Krueger claws, stuffing them behind their pointy teeth … and gnashing away. I leave a bottle of antacid tablets in the yard, because — gluttons that they are — they always overeat. 🙂

Yesterday after another of our interminable rains, I took a crack at getting some photos of the red clusters — they’ll be gone in a week! — but it was a bit too dark, too windy, and raindrop blobs on the leaves weren’t cool-looking like my tiny bubbles. So I threw out yesterday’s images and after running some errands this morning, tried again. With (temporarily) drier weather, less wind, some soft light through an overcast sky, a little patience, and a bit of Lightrooming, I got better results today.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful, and I like the way the background came out in these, too.
    The Freddy Krueger squirrels on the other hand…ever since I saw some eating a discarded hamburger in the park, I’ve been less easy in my mind about those creatures.

    1. Dale

      Well, now I wonder if I threw a blob of ground beef in the yard, would they leave my potted plants alone? Somehow I doubt it … they’d just have salad with their meat.

      And: thanks for noticing the photo backgrounds … I tried to get them to look that way on purpose!

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