1. Every year, it seems like a magic trick, or origami, to pack all these blossoms in such tiny buds. They’re beautiful flowers, and I also like #6 with the branch and buds against the bark. And I like way the (brick?) background came out in 9 & 10

    1. “… it seems like a magic trick …” — so true! All these living things that spend the winter looking like dormant sticks, suddenly come back to life!

      Thanks for the comment; and yes, that is brick, the wall of a building near my house with a deli, restaurant, and a couple of shops in it. Made a nice background, didn’t it?

    1. Thank you! I liked that one also … I’m working on black and white versions of this same series; how that one looks after conversion and a few jazzy adjustments is quite interesting!

    1. Thank you very much! I always like getting shots of the pear blooms since they’re one of the first signs of spring and they don’t last long. Glad you enjoyed the photos!


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