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Hosta Shapes and Colors (Set 1 of 4)

Hosta Shapes and Colors (Set 1 of 4)

With warmer temperatures, more sun, and periodic spring rains, all the hostas are on the move! The images below are from the first of four galleries, where I’ve tried to capture my own fascination with the color variations, shapes, lines, and textures of new hosta leaves appearing in my garden. Some of these hostas were featured as new buds here: Wordless Wednesday: Hosta Babies; and my Fire Island Hosta’s early growth is here: Fire Island Hosta: Seven Views.

Select the first image to begin a slideshow; thanks for looking!


  1. Hostas are one of my summer favorites. I’ll never forget the year I planted them all along my walkway and the very next morning discovered they had been eaten to the nub by deer. I was a gardening newby then. Learned that one the hard way!

    1. Dale

      I hope they grew back! They’re pretty resilient, if the roots aren’t damaged. No deer here, but last year the Baby Dog got a kick out of tearing some of the leaves off and running them around in his mouth. Most of those have come back, and he’s moved on to hydrangeas (!!) so the hostas should be around all summer. 🙂

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