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Before and After: Fragments of Color and Light

Before and After: Fragments of Color and Light

On Wordless Wednesday a couple of weeks ago, I posted transformed versions of eleven images (see Wordless Wednesday: Fragments of Color and Light) that I had found in my archives — not a mysterious dusty place in the basement, but a folder of older photos on my computer. I selected and processed these as a group because I liked the way the subjects reflected light. I didn’t use any new techniques, but followed processing steps I previously described here:

Before and After: Yellow and Green (and Lightroom Radial Filters)

Select the first image to begin a slideshow and see the results of these transformations. Thanks for taking a look!


    1. Dale

      It’s a long story but … a funny thing happened!

      It’s fixed now, but I accidentally left a radial filter on one of the photos, which blurred most of it, then copied that blurriness to the other ten. The after versions are still a lot different, but the before’s when you looked were fuzzier than they were supposed to be.

      That’ll teach me to watch the news while working on a blog post … damn multitasking!

      FYI, the enhanced clarity comes from reducing highlights then using the Dehaze and Texture tools in Lightroom, along with a bit of Sharpening.

      Thanks for the comment, Chris!


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