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Southeastern Winter Abstracts (2 of 2)

Southeastern Winter Abstracts (2 of 2)

Hello. Here’s an additional set of abstract photos from my recent photo-jaunts around the neighborhood.

More on this series here: Southeastern Winter Abstracts (1 of 2).

Previous related photos are here: Work, Walk, Discover: Hydrangeas in Winter.

Thanks for taking a look! Hope your new year is off to a GREAT start!


    1. Dale

      Thanks! Winter here is interesting because it can be like a combination of late fall and early spring, especially in places like Oakland or the Atlanta Botanical Garden where they have plenty of hardy blooming plants that flower as long as we don’t freeze up too much. So far this year, we’ve had very little freezing weather, so there’s a lot of color to be found. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Dale

      Thank you! I puzzled about calling them “abstract” versus “minimalist” … then settled on “abstract” for no big reason but thought it sounded better in the blog post title. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

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