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Spring 2020: March is for Daffodils (1 of 4)

Spring 2020: March is for Daffodils (1 of 4)

From “The Onset of Spring” by Elizabeth Lawrence in The Writer in the Garden, edited by Jane Garmey:

“[The] first daffodil to bloom is the short-stemmed pale yellow trumpet that grows in most old gardens. It comes with the crocuses and early shrubs…. As a rule, this little early trumpet is at its best in February, and is quickly followed by other early sorts…. Daffodils are in [full] bloom by the middle of March. They bloom before the leaves are on the trees, and the shrubs that bloom with them are leafless too.”

From “A Change of Plans” by Charles Kuralt in The Writer in the Garden, edited by Jane Garmey:

“[Modern] breeding has changed the shapes and colors of daffodils and given the gardens and meadows of the world a variety beyond anything the old poet [Wordsworth] could have imagined two hundred years ago. The old, well-remembered flowers have contributed some of their finest qualities to hundreds of variations.”

Hello! Having expelled a huge volume of words a couple of days ago (see Isolated White Irises (and Cognitive Overload), I’ll keep this post extra-short — just long enough to introduce the first of four galleries of colorful daffodils making their appearance at Oakland Cemetery’s gardens.

Select the first image if you would like to see larger versions in a slideshow. Thanks for taking a look!


    1. Dale

      Thanks, and you’re welcomed! I must have hit the garden up at just the right time … never saw so many daffodils blooming like crazy, with dozens of varieties still coming in. Thanks for the comment!

  1. An inch of snow yesterday here – – these daffodils are looking unbelievably nice right now! And the closeups with the tiny white flowers (spirea?) in the background.
    I particularly like the single flower, leaning against the stone wall, unusually pensive for a daffodil.

    1. Dale

      No snow here! Rain is back for a few days, but we did have almost a full week (wow!) where I could get out (in my zombie hazmat suit, of course), just in time for these daffodils … and lots of other many-colored things. There were some really interesting daffodil varieties, so I’m hoping there’ll be a few more batches popping up when the rains subside again. I know they’re are more waiting for me pensively…. 🙂

      The white flowers in the background are the same as those from a couple of weeks ago (https://daleducatte.com/2020/03/11/early-spring-a-white-album/), which I think we did decide were spirea.

      Thanks for the comment!

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