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Painted Leaves and Branches

Painted Leaves and Branches

From “The Sugar Maple” in October, or Autumnal Tints by Henry David Thoreau:

“Think how much the eyes of painters of all kinds, and of manufacturers of cloth and paper, and paper-stainers, and countless others, are to be educated by these autumnal colors….

“The stationer’s envelopes may be of very various tints, yet not so various as those of the leaves of a single tree. If you want a different shade or tint of a particular color, you have only to look further within or without the tree or the wood. These leaves are not many dipped in one dye, as at the dye-house, but they are dyed in light of infinitely various degrees of strength, and left to set and dry there.”

Continuing with some autumn-color photography … here’s a collection featuring images of isolated leaves that turned early, mostly at the tips of branches, still hanging on in mid-November … but probably not for long.


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    1. Dale

      That’s a fact! Actually went out shooting this morning — it was supposed to be overcast all day so was planning some cloudy photos — but the clouds broke shortly after I got there so I went hunting for more backlit leaves instead.

      Thanks for the comment!

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