"Pay attention to the world." -- Susan Sontag
Autumn Yellow, Autumn Orange (2 of 2)

Autumn Yellow, Autumn Orange (2 of 2)

From Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology by David Abram:

“There are … the winds of autumn, those that whirl through the streets tearing the dry, ruddy-brown leaves from their moorings. Alive with the scents of fallen fruit and soil and smoke, the autumn wind teases our nostrils as it whooshes past, scattering the humped piles of carefully raked leaves, mingling their constituents with other leaves spiraling down from the branches…

“Our bodies witness this gradual release of leaves, this stripping away of color from the gray, skeletal limbs, and cannot help but feel that the animating life of things is slipping off into the air — that the wind moaning in our ears is composed of innumerable spirits leaving their visible bodies behind….

“The wind is haunted, alive. Only in this liminal season, before the onset of winter, does the wild psyche of the land assert itself so vividly that even the most rational persons find themselves lost, now and then, in the uncanny depths of the sensuous….”


Below are a few images from my previous post — Autumn Yellow, Autumn Orange (1 of 2) — with their backgrounds converted to black. Yellow on black, orange on black …. hmmmmmm, gorgeous!

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    1. Dale

      Thank you, and thank you!

      I was noticing earlier this week that some of the big oaks around me still have a lot of green on them, but with a week of cooler temperatures coming, they will probably turn and drop all the leaves at once. Sort of fun when that happens: all the leaf-blowers and rakes in the world can’t keep up while it rains leaves non-stop for days!

      The book “Becoming Animal” is excellent, especially the writing style. I think you’d like it. I go back to it often for quotes or just some good reading about nature and how we experience it.

      Thanks for the comment!

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