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Iris Variegata (2 of 2)

Iris Variegata (2 of 2)

From “Iris” by W. L. Patteson in Tall Bearded Iris (Fleur-de-lis): A Flower of Song by Walter Stager:

Queen of the garden, in splendor unfolding
All your rich beauties unto our beholding,
Scattering freely your largesse untold;
Born in the purple, no rival you’re fearing
Proudly your head to the sunshine uprearing
Gorgeous your raiment of purple and gold.

Hail to you Iris, your reign may be fleeting,
Leal are your subjects who give you glad greeting;
Blessings attend you upon your bright way;
Faithful the hearts now your triumph acclaiming
Loyal the lips your allegiance naming;
Child of the Rainbow and queen of the May.


Let’s close out the month of May with the second of two posts featuring black-background versions of the irises from the previous post (see Iris Variegata (1 of 2)).

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