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Summer Sky Pink (Very-Very Pink!) Asiatic Lilies (1 of 4)

Summer Sky Pink (Very-Very Pink!) Asiatic Lilies (1 of 4)

From “Pink” by George Crabbe in The RHS Book of Flower Poetry and Prose by the Royal Horticultural Society:

This, this! Is Beauty; cast, I pray, your eyes
On this my Glory! See the Grace, the Size!
Was ever Stem so tall, so stout, so strong,
Exact in breadth, in just proportion, long;
These brilliant Hues are all distinct and clean,
No kindred Tint, no blending Streaks between….

From Hybrid: The History and Science of Plant Breeding by Noel Kingsbury:

“[If] a pink flower crosses with a white one, the progeny may show a variety of shades of pink.”


This supercalifragilisticexpialidocious lily is a newcomer to my garden this year, it having been adopted by The Gardener to replace one of last year’s Tiny Epic Asiatic Lilies that fell asleep during the winter and never woke up. “Summer Sky Pink” is a really good name for this variety: its pinkness is certainly reminiscent of that kind of pink-purple-magenta color that surrounds clouds at the horizon this time of year, especially before or after summertime thunderstorms.

Fresh from the garden center, it produced quite a few big blooms for about two weeks in early June. I learned it’s a cross between white Longliflorum (or Easter Lily) and pink or red asiatic lilies. It clearly retains the large, thick-to-the-touch blossom petals of the Easter Lily and, toward the center, yellow and orange highlights. You can see some Longliflorum in one of my earlier posts, Easter Sunday 2021: Yellow Daffodils and White Lilies.

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