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Red and Pink Amaryllis (3 of 3)

Red and Pink Amaryllis (3 of 3)

From The Reason For Flowers: Their History, Culture, Biology, and How They Change Our Lives by Stephen Buchmann:

“I have found at least ninety modern American and British songs that describe flowers in their titles and lyrics. Roses are a dominant song element, whether as plastic, wild, red, tattooed ones from Tokyo, or those found in everyday rose gardens. Other common garden blooms finding their way into contemporary songs include amaryllis, apple and cherry blossoms, buttercups, columbines, daisies, edelweiss, hyacinth, lilies, lotus, magnolias, marigolds, morning glories, orchids, sunflowers, and tulips.”

From “Amaryllis” by Shinedown:

So do I remind you of
Someone you never met
A lonely silhouette
And do I remind you of
Somewhere you wanna be
So far out of reach
Oh, I wish you’d open up for me
‘Cause I wanna know you


This is the third of three posts featuring amaryllis flowers I photographed a few weeks ago at Oakland Cemetery’s gardens. The first post is Red and Pink Amaryllis (1 of 3); and the second one is Red and Pink Amaryllis (2 of 3).

The first quotation above prompted me to look around for songs that referenced amaryllis flowers, and I rather liked discovering the rock band Shinedown and watching some of their videos. If you’d like to view their video for the song “Amaryllis” (from the album by the same name), here’s a link: Amaryllis by Shinedown.

Thanks for taking a look!

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