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Autumn Dreams of Christmas (2 of 2)

Autumn Dreams of Christmas (2 of 2)

From Walden and Other Writings by Henry David Thoreau:

“We heard the sigh of the first autumnal wind, and even the water had acquired a grayer hue. The sumach, grape, and maple were already changed, and the milkweed had turned to a deep rich yellow. In all woods the leaves were fast ripening for their fall; for their full veins and lively gloss mark the ripe leaf, and not the sered one of the poets; and we knew that the maples, stripped of their leaves among the earliest, would soon stand like a wreath of smoke along the edge of the meadow. Already the cattle were heard to low wildly in the pastures and along the highways, restlessly running to and fro, as if in apprehension of the withering of the grass and of the approach of winter. Our thoughts too began to rustle.”

From “Christmas Tide” by Eliza Cook in A Vintage Christmas: A Collection of Classic Stories and Poems:

Let the autumn days produce
Yellow corn and purple juice,
And Nature’s feast be spread
In the fruitage ripe and red;
‘Tis grateful to behold
Gushing grapes and fields of gold,
When cheeks are brown’d and red lips deeper dyed:
But give, oh! give to me
The winter night of glee,
The mirth and plenty seen at Christmas tide.


This is the second of two posts with photographs showing how nature gets ready for Christmas. The first post is Autumn Dreams of Christmas (1 of 2). Here we have some shades of red — deeply red maples and oaks filling the frame — followed by variations on yellow, orange, and gold. Someone, somewhere, once upon a time surely looked at sights like this and thought: hey, I should put these brilliant colors on a tree inside my house!

Thanks for taking a look!

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