Winter Scenes: Fragile Phenomena (Set 1 of 2)

From Angel’s Crest by Leslie Schwartz:

“He saw how the snow had come and changed the place, had made it new again…. He saw how pristine and stunning it was and he slipped, for a moment, into the past. He saw the glory that had been his life, the wide-open beauty of it, the hardships, the simplicity even when, back then, it had seemed so complicated and difficult. The beauty of the world made him feel, for a brief moment, like a man who had been delivered of all that had ever hurt or wounded him. The land, capped by snow and the splendor of winter, stretched out before him, miraculous and unparalleled in its breadth and beauty. He saw himself floating above it all … flying farther and farther away while the snowy world below disappeared from sight.”

From Walden and Other Writings by Henry David Thoreau:

“Many of the phenomena of winter are suggestive of an inexpressible tenderness and fragile delicacy.”

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Wordless Wednesday: A Band of Blue Jays on a Bench, in the Winter, in New York

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Wordless Wednesday: Winter Style


Autumn in New York (Set 3 of 3)

The gallery below contains the third of three sets of photos showing the transition to autumn in northern New York.

These photos were taken near Peru, Saranac, and Plattsburgh, New York, and are now part of my Flickr Reboot project.

My other photos from New York are here: New York state category.

The first set of photos in this series is here: Autumn in New York (Set 1 of 3), and the second set is here: Autumn in New York (Set 2 of 3).

Select any image to begin a slideshow. Thanks for taking a look!

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