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Autumn in New York (Set 2 of 3)

The gallery below contains the second of three sets of photos showing the transition to autumn in northern New York.

These photos were taken near Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, and are now part of my Flickr Reboot project.

My other photos from New York are here: New York state category.

The previous set of photos in this series is here: Autumn in New York (Set 1 of 3).

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Autumn on the Horizon

By September in northern New York, evenings quickly shed their daytime heat and the sun casts long, deep shadows by the middle of the afternoon. Green, yellow, and gold in the landscape take on a rich saturation, the sky and the clouds look more intense and variable in color, and the first hints of fall reds and oranges start to appear. The photos below were taken between Plattsburgh and Lake Placid early in September a few years ago, the first five nearer to Plattsburgh and the last three nearer to Lake Placid. You can see in the photos what a difference the elevation makes: the Lake Placid region is about 1500 feet higher above sea level and the cooler temperatures encourage more leaves to change color sooner.

This is the first of a series of fall color photographs I’m working on for my Flickr Reboot project; I’m not sure yet how many I will end out recreating, but will certainly post more as my work progresses.

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