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New Photos! Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery

A collection of photos of Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery that I’ve taken over the past few weeks is here:

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery

I’ve organized the photos into loosely-related sets by some unidentifiable criteria for now. Eventually I’ll expand the sets and separate the photos by cemetery section; but I have to take quite a few more first. My earlier article is here, and many thanks to those who stopped by to read it and to those who’ve left comments.

I also updated the sidebar with links to slideshows, by set.

The cemetery was on someone else’s mind this week also. Take a look at this fine article — Living Among the Dead — at Georgia On My Mind.

Bye for now!


  1. The pictures are great! I envy your work on your degree. I am about to finish up my final project (thesis) for a degree in curriculum and assessment. I finally got you added to the Georgia blogroll. I should have done it a while ago….sorry. Please submit something to the Georgia Carnival soon if you wish.

  2. EHT,

    Hi! Thanks for coming by … no problem on the blogroll, I’m too busy to be in a hurry about pretty much anything … now what I mean?

    I appreciate your comment on my studies; think of me some this weekend … I have until Sunday night to finish and submit my first paper on Oakland Cemetery … and I have a LOT of writing to do!

    Bye for now,


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