Here’s the final gallery of my Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana. You might think I’d run out of lantana photos by now; but that’s only true for the Chapel Hill Yellows. Coming soon, two other varieties: Landmark Citrus (the “citrus” moniker fits their bright orange, yellow, and pink or peach colors very well) and Mary Ann Lantana, with blooms blended from pink and shades of yellow.

The first two galleries in this series, as well as a gallery of one of my other lantana plants, are at these links:

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana: Gallery 1 of 4

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana: Gallery 2 of 4

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana: Gallery 3 of 4

Wordless Wednesday: Chapel Hill Pink Huff Lantana

I’ve started collecting images from this site into galleries by subject, organizing them on pages available from the navigation bar at the top:

On these gallery pages, I’ll accumulate photos from across blog posts, adding them to existing pages or creating new ones as I write posts with images. It’s a work-in-progress, of course… and since I’ve uploaded about 1,500 images with my blog posts here… this may take some time… 🙂 … but I thought it would be a nice way to view the images scattered among the blogs, for those interested.

Thanks for taking a look!


    1. Thank you! I’ve noticed lately that I keep dialing things back a bit … color saturation, especially, and all the greens in these photos. Together that seems to help bring out detail that Lightroom hides under a bit too much color … so every time I make an adjustment, I reduce it some to see what happens … and usually prefer the results I get by doing that. Thanks for the comment!


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