Here’s the final gallery of my Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana. You might think I’d run out of lantana photos by now; but that’s only true for the Chapel Hill Yellows. Coming soon, two other varieties: Landmark Citrus (the “citrus” moniker fits their bright orange, yellow, and pink or peach colors very well) and Miss Huff, a close friend of Chapel Hill Pink Huff.

The first two galleries in this series, as well as a gallery of one of my other lantana plants, are at these links:

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana: Gallery 1 of 4

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana: Gallery 2 of 4

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana: Gallery 3 of 4

Wordless Wednesday: Chapel Hill Pink Huff Lantana

I’ve started collecting images from this site into galleries by subject, organizing them on pages available from the navigation bar at the top:

On these gallery pages, I’ll accumulate photos from across blog posts, adding them to existing pages or creating new ones as I write posts with images. It’s a work-in-progress, of course… and since I’ve uploaded about 1,500 images with my blog posts here… this may take some time… 🙂 … but I thought it would be a nice way to view the images scattered among the blogs, for those interested.

Thanks for taking a look!


    1. Thank you! I’ve noticed lately that I keep dialing things back a bit … color saturation, especially, and all the greens in these photos. Together that seems to help bring out detail that Lightroom hides under a bit too much color … so every time I make an adjustment, I reduce it some to see what happens … and usually prefer the results I get by doing that. Thanks for the comment!


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