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Four Days To Christmas: Winter Solstice

Four Days To Christmas: Winter Solstice

From On Looking: A Walker’s Guide to the Art of Observation by Alexandra Horowitz:

“It was December twenty-first, the winter solstice. The business of being a pedestrian in the city had changed: any mosey that crept into people’s summer gait had been replaced by the determined fast stride of the winter walker. It was cold out, and I hunched my shoulders in a futile attempt to warm my ears and bully the chill away.”

From Winter Sunshine by John Burroughs:

“[It] may be later in the season, well into December. The days are equally bright, but a little more rugged. The mornings are ushered in by an immense spectrum thrown upon the eastern sky. A broad bar of red and orange lies along the low horizon, surmounted by an expanse of color in which green struggles with yellow and blue with green half the way to the zenith. By and by the red and orange spread upward and grow dim, the spectrum fades, and the sky becomes suffused with yellow white light…”


    1. Dale

      Thank you! And thanks for following. We don’t get snow here to mark winter solstice, so I tried to find some scenes that still had a wintery-feel. Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

    1. Dale

      Thank you! I took these at Oakland Cemetery on a cloudy cool day, and that last one caught my eye as a good example of winter in the southeast. I like it too, and after the holidays plan to go exploring for some similar images. Thanks for the comment, as always. 🙂

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