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Turk’s Cap (Martagon) Lilies (3 of 3)

Turk’s Cap (Martagon) Lilies (3 of 3)

From Seeing Flowers by Teri Dunn Chace and Robert Llewellyn:

“Arguably the world’s most easily recognized and beloved flowers, lilies form a large, sprawling family of around 4000 species. It includes, first and foremost, true lilies, the glorious trumpet-shaped flowers of garden and florist and flower show….

“There are scads of lovely species to delight flower lovers, from the towering Chinese lily,
Lilium henryi, spangled all the way to the top with gold-orange flowers, to the more modest, waist high Canada lily, L. canadense, which sports a good show of black-speckled orange to red flowers, candelabra style. You may have seen the evocatively named Turk’s cap ones, which have recurved petals; these originate from L. martagon and have been widely hybridized. The speckles, dots, or lines on some of these flowers function as air-traffic control for pollinators, guiding them toward the pollen in the center.”


This is the third of three posts showing Turk’s Cap or Martagon lilies I photographed at Oakland Cemetery’s Gardens earlier this summer. The previous post is Turk’s Cap (Martagon) Lilies (2 of 3). If you would like to read more about these lilies and how I created the photos, see the first post: Turk’s Cap (Martagon) Lilies (1 of 3).

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