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Roof Ornament

Here’s a little (!!) something you don’t expect to see perched on your roof when you get home from work:


Why is there never a cat around when you need one?


  1. I needed a cat to scare it away!

    I have a pond with fifteen carp, and I know this thing just came by for a snack! Luckily it didn’t get any … but one that came by last summer flew away with at least two of my biggest fish in its belly….

    They ARE beautiful birds, but I like my fish better…..

  2. Do you mean the “Add this” button? If so, I took it out a couple weeks ago because no one had ever used it. I was updating the site with a printing plug-in (notice “Print this article” above), and removed “Add this” at the time.

    If you are using Firefox, there is a nice Stumbleupon toolbar capability you can download that makes stumbling very easy. Probably is one for other browsers, too, but for sure there is one for Firefox. Try it; I think you’d like it.

    Thanks for the Digg!

  3. Hi, Mark.

    I had a visit from one last year and took a picture of it to Atlanta Water Gardens, a local water gardening shop … they told me it was a Blue Heron. Looks like it is, see:


    No mention in the article that it likes to raid backyard ponds, but it does! My fish haven’t been out of hiding during the day since I took this picture… sort of interesting that they’re smart enough to do that.

    It’s been by about five times in the past couple of weeks… hangs out on my roof, staring at me and my dog whenever we go outside.

    If I catch it, you can have it….

    Bye for now,


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