1. The leaves are beautiful!
    But what the heck are you burning in your pumpkins?! When I was a kid, I put a bunch of citronella candles in a tin lantern, because one didn’t cast enough light, and the whole lantern ignited and had flames coming out the holes in the tin. And when I managed to put it out, it looked a bit like your jack-o-lantern. 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      The pumpkin was at Oakland Cemetery, the last left-behind decoration from some Halloween events. I think someone got carried away with oversized candles, burnt them for too many hours every night for about a week. I tried to get a closer look inside but some flies flew out the mouth … too creepy for me! I took a few pictures and left.

      Funny about the citronellas … dangerous, aren’t you?



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