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Lilies on Black Backgrounds (4 of 10)

Lilies on Black Backgrounds (4 of 10)

From “Thirty Years’ Bloom” in Through the Garden Gate by Elizabeth Lawrence:

“My mother recorded the weather and the date of the first flower of every plant as it came into bloom. At intervals, such as high spring, midsummer and Thanksgiving, she would take a census of everything in bloom at that time. She was very systematic about her daily records. Each morning she would go out with her little black book and write down the names of the flowers that had bloomed since the day before. This is the way records should be kept….

“Mine are not as well done, for one day I may go my rounds in the morning, and the next I may go in the afternoon. Then I may skip a few days, and when I do, it is hard to remember whether the lily bloomed on Monday or on Tuesday.”

Surprise! More lilies!

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