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Lilies on Black Backgrounds (2 of 10)

Lilies on Black Backgrounds (2 of 10)

From Colour in My Garden by Louise Beebe Wilder:

“It is true that in the natural progress of the seasons we have certain colours predominating at certain periods. The earliest colour scheme of the garden, as of the world beyond its walls, is yellow and white; this is followed by the rose colors of late spring and early summer when fruit blossoms and then Roses adorn the world. Next come the blue and yellow of midsummer which deepen to scarlet, gold, and purple…..

“This natural scheme of colour we may modify or accentuate as much as we like, but to choose it as sort a sort of underlying theme much simplifies our work, since there are always plenty of good and willing flowers decked in the prevailing colours of the season.

“No occupation known to me is so absorbing as distributing and arranging flowers in the garden with a view to creating beautiful pictures….”


The yellow lilies below continue my “Lilies on Black Backgrounds” project; see Lilies on Black Backgrounds: A Photo Project (1 of 10) if you would like to read more about it.

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  1. Wow – I just read your first post – thanks for the detailed descriptions of how you’re accomplishing this. What a major time investment! I think my favourite of this batch, composition wise, is in the last grouping of four, bottom row, on the left – almost looks like something done with mirrors. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this series of daylilies – Hemerocallis – in other colours?

    1. Dale

      Thanks, Chris! And thanks for reading the post! 🙂

      At first I was trying to keep track of the time it took, but it varies so much depending on the structure of the flower that I realized I couldn’t estimate it. These yellow lilies weren’t too hard, because their shape is fairly uniform. However! The next batch will include some huge Tiger Lilies I came across; those are taking a long time because there are spaces between all the petals and they have long skinny “legs” …. but they’re coming along nicely and I think in the end they’ll be FABULOUS!

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