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Autumn Yellow, Autumn Orange (1 of 2)

Autumn Yellow, Autumn Orange (1 of 2)

From October, or Autumnal Tints by Henry David Thoreau:

“As I go across a meadow directly towards a low rising ground this bright afternoon, I see, some fifty rods off toward the sun the top of a Maple swamp just appearing over the sheeny russet edge of the hill, a stripe apparently twenty rods long by ten feet deep, of the most intensely brilliant scarlet, orange and yellow equal to any flowers or fruits, or any tints ever painted….

“As I advance, lowering the edge of the hill which makes the firm foreground or lower frame of the picture, the depth of the brilliant grove revealed steadily increases, suggesting that the whole of the enclosed valley is filled with such color.”


This is the first of a pair of posts featuring yellow and orange fall colors. They tend to be my favorite colors to photograph and post-process this time of year, as both are bright in shade or sun, and both create nice sharp contrasts with the backgrounds they appear in. More muted than the reds that also fill the autumn landscape, my eye or my camera or both always seem drawn to these color variations. With the reds it always seems harder to isolate individual leaves and branches and produce colors I’m satisfied with in Lightroom, but the yellows and oranges — woohoo!


If you would like to see my previous fall color posts for this year, they’re all organized under this tag:

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    1. Dale

      Yes, it really is … I spent the yesterday wandering around with the camera (of course!) and have other big batches of photos in progress … more beautiful oranges but also some Japanese maples in all sorts of red and purple shades. We probably have a couple more weeks of leaves changing and dropping still, as I saw a lot of green not yet turned. Then will be the bare winter branches … but I like those too!

      Thanks for the comment!

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