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Bearded Iris Motley Mix (2 of 2)

Bearded Iris Motley Mix (2 of 2)

From “Fleur-de-Lis” by Walter Stager in Tall Bearded Iris (Fleur-de-lis): A Flower of Song by Walter Stager:

Blue of the skies,
Pink of sunrise,
Red of the sunset-glow,
Purple so bold,
Yellow of gold,
White of the driven snow;
Solid and dashed,
Veined and splashed,
Mottled and reticulated,
Suffused, o’erlaid,
Bordered and rayed —
All colors and shades collated.

From “Iris” by Blanche Marie Louise Oelrichs (writing as “Michael Strange”) in Tall Bearded Iris (Fleur-de-lis): A Flower of Song by Walter Stager:

Iris, pallid blue, gold veined,
And as if coloured from dawn chills,
Or from the yellow-fingered touching
Of curious starlight…
Purple Iris,
Streaked with amethystine memories of the night,
Health-glossed and firm are those ripe wings
Of Oriental butterflies….


This is the second post featuring the last of my iris photos for 2022. The previous post is Bearded Iris Motley Mix (1 of 2), and you can click here to view all of my posts containing photos of irises.

Thanks for taking a look!


    1. Dale

      Purple and blue irises are amazing! And it’s always fun in Lightroom to add a little saturation to each color and really make it pop!

      Thanks for the comment!

    1. Dale

      Thank you! That poem seemed to fit well with my actual experience: it was a chilly morning when I took these photos, just a few days before the late spring heat started moving in…. so I was glad to find a bit of poetry that worked so well.

      Thanks for the comment!

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