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Spring 2020: March is for Daffodils (3 of 4)

Spring 2020: March is for Daffodils (3 of 4)

Here is the third gallery of daffodil photos from my recent trips to Oakland Cemetery’s gardens.

Yes, these are ALL daffodils. The first two photos do show a typical daffodil structure, but with the others, their daffodilliness isn’t so obvious until you take a close look at the star-shaped arrangement of the petals toward the back of each flower. While I couldn’t identify the variants for certain by name, I did learn while searching around that double-daffodils and daffodils with clumped flowers are common varieties. I like the third and fourth ones, little bouquets on their own with a mix of white and orange petals; and the last five reminded me of … Reddi-Whip!

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Select the first image if you would like to see larger versions in a slideshow. Thanks for taking a look!


    1. Dale

      I snuck back over to the cemetery gardens earlier today, and there’s a whole new batch that wasn’t there a couple of weeks ago! We’ve had so much rain, and a warmer than average winter, so I imagine that’s why there are so many.

      Thank you, and thanks for the comment!

    1. Dale

      I had never seen the clumpy ones before, so thought they were pretty cool. I took some more photos this morning and will post them in a few days … lots of new, traditional ones that weren’t there a couple of weeks ago have been blooming like crazy.

      Thanks for the comment!

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